Home entertainment is my specialty so when I want to have friends over, I have all the makings of a great evening. I have a complete home theater center and pride myself especially on the quality of the sound. We can just have drinks and snacks and listen to music or we can watch a TV show or ball game as we wish. This is a relaxing way to socialize and I have the ideal setting. Sometimes I want to try something different like an outdoor movie night. One evening I rented Jaws, a popular favorite with my guests, and even bought a large inflatable pool designed for adults. With a compressor I got it up and running and also set lounge chairs alongside for those who had enough of the water. Most preferred to watch the movie while they swam. It made for a wonderful mood which turned scary as soon as we heard the shark music.

Now I decided to have the guests select a movie. Some are comedies, some dramas, some romances or sci fi. We get more variety this way; but every once in a while, Jaws comes up even though we have all seen it many times. People like to be scared; hence the popularly now of horror flicks. How do people suspend their belief at what is happening on the screen? It is a movie genre that knows no bounds. It can be gory and frightful, but my friends say it is sublimely entertaining.

The inflatable pool is not limited to movie night. I have daytime swim parties when it is particularly hot such as during the summer and early fall. We just talk and have cocktails and a barbecue can be in the works for lunch or dinner. The water is so inviting that most people want to stay in the pool and I practically have to shoo them home after dark. Get an inflatable pool, my friend, and you will find you have sudden popularity in the neighborhood. You can enjoy it alone, too, and I often like the quiet and peacefulness of having the pool to myself. But soon I tire of my own company and start making plans for the next social get-together. I am grateful that I put speakers outside when I first installed my home entertainment center in the rec room. I thought we would just have meetings there, but I was wrong. People love the outdoors during their free time. You can count me among them.

At first I thought I would deflate and store my pool off season but it never happened. Even in winter, people want to swim because I can heat the water to any desired temperature. The pool stays intact and functioning. I didn’t even mention all the kids that like to come over, and I make sure an adult is around. Parents in the area say I am doing them a big favor.