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Just Like Riding a Bicycle

Who doesn’t feel that they need to be more fit and toned. It is easy to procrastinate about going to the gym, or jogging or hiking, but sooner or later a few telltale comments from friends and family will make an impact. “Have you changed sizes?” “I see you’ve put on a few pounds.” “Enjoying your meals lately?” “A little pudgy in the waist, Andrew.”

I can take a hint, but before the comments get rampant and insulting, I am going to take the matter in hand. I think starting a regular program of cycling will do the job because it is fun, done outdoors, and invigorating. I haven’t ridden for a really long time, but I do remember the many benefits. I can alternate routes and never tire of my cycling sessions. People use the expression “just like riding a bicycle” which means that it easy and you never forget how to do it. That is the good news. The next piece of news is that you can get a new bike and there are so many models out there that it is overwhelming. I want a hybrid bike that suits most kinds of terrain in my area. It’s not that it is perfect for everyone, but you can assess your needs and find out.

I want a hybrid because of its supreme comfort. Then I can ride long distances when I want. It is all about getting the right fit. You will come to understand and appreciate the different features. The best hybrid bikes will make your ride less of a struggle on tough roads. If the options at http://www.onroadandmountain.com/find-best-hybrid-bikes/ seem perfect for you, you have an easy choice. It is of utmost importance to get a men’s or women’s bike as appropriate. There are differences in basic design, for example, in the top tube which connects the handlebars to the seat. A men’s hybrid bike has a top tube that is parallel to the ground while the one for women is slanted down toward the seat. The extra space created by this feature allows a woman to ride wearing a skirt.

It is not as simple as that, however. Men have longer torsos than women so the distance between the seat and the handlebars matters. Then there is the saddle. You want it to be comfortable for any ride, man or woman. A seat designed for a man will make a difference on long rides. Furthermore, men have narrower hips and a wide seat can cause pressure on the inner thighs. You want the perfect balance between support and freedom so for a man, a narrow seat is best.

A men’s hybrid bike will be ergonomic in terms of the handlebars. Bad ones mean poor control. Then there is the matter of men’s broad shoulders making wider handlebars standard. For women, handlebars are shorter and narrower. Plus, men’s handlebars should be placed further from the suit to accommodate their longer limbs. That’s the essence of the hybrid.

Proof That I’m Aging Like a Fine Wine

The other day I realized that I have been in business for over a decade—actually more. I have completely lost track of time. The days go by fast when you enjoy your work. One day follows another and business is good, but guess what, I am getting on in years. I am no longer the young turk of my industry. But I am sure I have many good years left. I never used to even think about getting a physical to make sure I am fit and well. I think you face reality when a friend gets a serious disease, so off I went for a physical, no doubt the first of many that will be taking place over the years. You have to get on a regular program if you want to watch after your health.

A doctor’s office is a foreign place for me, not having indulged in a regular health program. I was seated in the waiting room for about half an hour and asked to fill out a packet of forms that took about that long. I couldn’t answer most of the questions. No, I have never had diabetes or heart disease. No one in the family has cancer or arthritis. No I have never had surgery of any type. Well maybe I did have my tonsils out. It went on and on. I really did not know my own family history. I have no clue of my blood type. Now the history would begin. Finally, I was called in to the examination room to meet the doctor. He asked general questions, listened to my vital sounds, palpated my abdomen, took my height and weight and blood pressure, and proceeded to hit my knee with a reflex hammer. The knee reacted immediately. Great reflexes, I muttered. See, I am aging like fine wine. The doctor laughed. He said there is a lot more to it than that. I asked him to redo the hammer just for fun. What an odd little instrument. What can you really tell when you use it? Does it matter which color (it comes in several)? The thing is about 7.5 inches long with a 2.5 inch hammerhead. It is also called a neurological reflex hammer. The doc says it can even detect bone fractures in addition to reflexes of the joints.

I felt better about finally getting a medical assessment and having had the odd experience of the reflex hammer which I met for the very first time. Pretty cool. I might have been feeling my age a bit, but after that, I felt fit as a fiddle—all reflexes intact. When I told some friends about the hammer, they proclaimed that they had not had the pleasure of this particular medical test on their last doctor’s visit—or any other. Is it only a one-time deal? Maybe you have to request it. I bet kids love it the most.