Yes, I had to tackle this issue because like art, music, and movies, there are a lot of opinions and everyone is right. People who got backaches from sitting in beanbag chairs will likely curse them more the older they get. Others who fell off the couch when they fell asleep watching a movie will opt for complimenting the flexible, yoga-like positions bean bag-seating offers.

Now for this blog to make any sense, there have to be some basic considerations that are the basis for giving a “like” to a beanbag or couch. The size of the room matters. You might be able to have a mix of both if the room is large enough, but if that is the case there is no problem to speak of. Smaller rooms tend to favour beanbags because they generally take up less space (unless you have a type of denizen that is known as a sprawler). Larger rooms can accommodate one or two couches and offer a cosier environment (if that’s what you want).

Beanbags have the advantage of being able to be easily arranged and stored. Stack ‘em, pack ‘em, and move them around to suit the preference of the viewers. They can be quite comfortable if you know which ones to get. One downside is the viewing angle for the seated. You might get a crick in your neck craning to see the screen or be thrashing around during the movie trying to get just the right position.

On a more positive note, there are doctors who highly recommend the larger versions of the bean bag chair to help with a variety of back and joint pains suffered by people who spend all day in front of a computer at work. There is also an environmental factor, as they are made of cloth or other manmade materials so by choosing a beanbag you are being environmentally conscious. Even if you get a higher quality seat they are not as expensive as you have heard.

A couch is more of an immobile behemoth, though it has several other advantages. You can sit and stack people on it as much as they can stand. There is a firm support for your back, reducing the possibility of morning-after backaches. It also makes the room look nicer, and you can put tray tables in front of or to the side of the couch to make snacking, drinking, and other side activities easier. Getting up to go the bathroom may require some untangling, depending on the number of people seated.

These days when you consider buying a couch there are a variety of choices intended to make your decision harder. You can choose a sectional for flexibility and easier cleaning up afterwards. The biggest choice is between cloth and leather. Cloth is definitely more comfortable since in a warm room leather will tend to stick to you. But it is very durable and resistant to tearing, so you might spend up front to save later. An in-between choice is microfiber, which combines the durability of leather with the comfort of cloth.

My choice? A quality leather couch – as long as I am the only one using it.