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Just Like Riding a Bicycle

Who doesn’t feel that they need to be more fit and toned. It is easy to procrastinate about going to the gym, or jogging or hiking, but sooner or later a few telltale comments from friends and family will make an impact. “Have you changed sizes?” “I see you’ve put on a few pounds.” “Enjoying your meals lately?” “A little pudgy in the waist, Andrew.” I can take a hint, but before the.. Read More

Cue the Shark Music

Home entertainment is my specialty so when I want to have friends over, I have all the makings of a great evening. I have a complete home theater center and pride myself especially on the quality of the sound. We can just have drinks and snacks and listen to music or we can watch a TV show or ball game as we wish. This is a relaxing way to socialize and I have.. Read More

Proof That I’m Aging Like a Fine Wine

The other day I realized that I have been in business for over a decade—actually more. I have completely lost track of time. The days go by fast when you enjoy your work. One day follows another and business is good, but guess what, I am getting on in years. I am no longer the young turk of my industry. But I am sure I have many good years left. I never used.. Read More

Relaxing Reward

I have many chances to relax. After all, I have installed a first class home entertainment center with every conceivable component. Whether I want to listen to music or watch TV on the giant flat screen is up to me. My mood dictates which way I go. If I want to include friends or family, I never get turned down. After all, I have a well-stocked bar and plenty of snacks. Having your.. Read More

Before You Throw it Out, Blow it Out!

I just had to tell you guys this story. My friend has a DVD player, and all of a sudden, it quit working. The disc would spin and spin, but then it would just spit the darn thing back at him! He brought it to me because he thought I might know how to fix it. I know how to set up this stuff but repairs? Not so much. Anyway, he’s a good.. Read More

To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!

My home entertainment center is rather complete. You can count it all up and see that nothing essential is missing in terms of a screen, sound system (surround sound what else!), receiver, speakers, etc. There are comfortable chairs, a bar area, and a wine fridge. My center is ready to accommodate anyone’s needs in the entertainment sphere, complete with snacks and beverages. People come over to enjoy life in a relaxing, pastime kind.. Read More

Cuddling Up for a Movie the Single Way

It’s a perfect day for a movie. I don’t have a lot to do, and those things that are on my agenda for the time being can just wait. I have a few films I have been dying to see, and now is the time. I need a breather, or a respite as fancy people say, from work. It has been particularly hectic of late. I love to get lost in a good.. Read More

The Death of the DVD: Internet Streaming

I love DVDs despite their being a bit fragile from time to time. One of the reasons is that I like to get my hands on things to know they are really mine. It’s a lot like paper books versus eBooks. Give me a paperback every time. The thing is, even up to a few years ago, streaming video to a personal device was slow and clunky. That’s what made DVDs so appealing.. Read More

Bean Bag or Couch

Yes, I had to tackle this issue because like art, music, and movies, there are a lot of opinions and everyone is right. People who got backaches from sitting in beanbag chairs will likely curse them more the older they get. Others who fell off the couch when they fell asleep watching a movie will opt for complimenting the flexible, yoga-like positions bean bag-seating offers. Now for this blog to make any sense,.. Read More

The Big Screen Decision

There was a time where a TV screen was a TV screen. One standard size fits all; it was a simple cathode ray tube that illuminated the fluorescent screen by shooting electrons at it. Black and white made people happy because there was no colour. Then came the computer followed by the Digital Age and everything changed. Today, the idea of having a cathode ray tube TV screen is in line with having.. Read More