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The Problem of Choice

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and whatnot… The future has arrived. I have no problem getting used to all these new video streaming platforms. I went through the videotape phase, the DVD phase, why not go through this one as well? After all, it’s becoming the dominant way of watching movies. Movie production companies are still releasing DVDs of their movies, but I wonder when all this will become obsolete. Maybe never, I hope never. I’ll elaborate on that.

Digital streaming platforms are great. You got everything at the tips of your fingers with just the click of a few buttons, and voila. You have a whole universe of movies and TV shows, and even documentaries, to choose from. Isn’t that lovely? If only you could stay inside and watch them all, who knows what treasures you’ll discover. But don’t let me be sarcastic. I really think they’re much more practical and easier to use. However, my problem is that there’s too much choice, and we weren’t trained for it.

Back in the old days, you had a limited selection of entertainment – music, movies, TV, art, books – everything. Now you have a nearly unlimited selection of everything. This is a beautiful thing, but I often see the younger generations have a hard time deciding what movie they want to see because there’s so much choice at any time of day and night. They spend hours thinking about it, and then regret their decision. The end result is – no enjoyment.

I’m not old, but I’m old-fashioned when it comes to these things. I’m not against technology or anything, but I’m not comfortable with it just yet. I know you gotta accept things as they come and I try to upgrade my life whenever it starts to feel a little stale – a man gotta do that. For example, I upgraded my water heater, I got a tankless one professionally installed. I got a Mac, a new coffee machine, an upgraded grass mower for my yard… See, I’m not too bad.

But, I can’t help but feel resistance when it comes to having too much choice. I like DVDs because of the ritual. You pick a CD, you open up the packaging, you feel that smell of plastic, you put the DVD in your player and wait for it to load… I don’t know, maybe I’m being nostalgic.

What do you think?

Just Like Riding a Bicycle

Who doesn’t feel that they need to be more fit and toned. It is easy to procrastinate about going to the gym, or jogging or hiking, but sooner or later a few telltale comments from friends and family will make an impact. “Have you changed sizes?” “I see you’ve put on a few pounds.” “Enjoying your meals lately?” “A little pudgy in the waist, Andrew.”

I can take a hint, but before the comments get rampant and insulting, I am going to take the matter in hand. I think starting a regular program of cycling will do the job because it is fun, done outdoors, and invigorating. I haven’t ridden for a really long time, but I do remember the many benefits. I can alternate routes and never tire of my cycling sessions. People use the expression “just like riding a bicycle” which means that it easy and you never forget how to do it. That is the good news. The next piece of news is that you can get a new bike and there are so many models out there that it is overwhelming. I want a hybrid bike that suits most kinds of terrain in my area. It’s not that it is perfect for everyone, but you can assess your needs and find out.

I want a hybrid because of its supreme comfort. Then I can ride long distances when I want. It is all about getting the right fit. You will come to understand and appreciate the different features. The best hybrid bikes will make your ride less of a struggle on tough roads. If the options at http://www.onroadandmountain.com/find-best-hybrid-bikes/ seem perfect for you, you have an easy choice. It is of utmost importance to get a men’s or women’s bike as appropriate. There are differences in basic design, for example, in the top tube which connects the handlebars to the seat. A men’s hybrid bike has a top tube that is parallel to the ground while the one for women is slanted down toward the seat. The extra space created by this feature allows a woman to ride wearing a skirt.

It is not as simple as that, however. Men have longer torsos than women so the distance between the seat and the handlebars matters. Then there is the saddle. You want it to be comfortable for any ride, man or woman. A seat designed for a man will make a difference on long rides. Furthermore, men have narrower hips and a wide seat can cause pressure on the inner thighs. You want the perfect balance between support and freedom so for a man, a narrow seat is best.

A men’s hybrid bike will be ergonomic in terms of the handlebars. Bad ones mean poor control. Then there is the matter of men’s broad shoulders making wider handlebars standard. For women, handlebars are shorter and narrower. Plus, men’s handlebars should be placed further from the suit to accommodate their longer limbs. That’s the essence of the hybrid.

Cue the Shark Music

Home entertainment is my specialty so when I want to have friends over, I have all the makings of a great evening. I have a complete home theater center and pride myself especially on the quality of the sound. We can just have drinks and snacks and listen to music or we can watch a TV show or ball game as we wish. This is a relaxing way to socialize and I have the ideal setting. Sometimes I want to try something different like an outdoor movie night. One evening I rented Jaws, a popular favorite with my guests, and even bought a large inflatable pool designed for adults. With a compressor I got it up and running and also set lounge chairs alongside for those who had enough of the water. Most preferred to watch the movie while they swam. It made for a wonderful mood which turned scary as soon as we heard the shark music.

Now I decided to have the guests select a movie. Some are comedies, some dramas, some romances or sci fi. We get more variety this way; but every once in a while, Jaws comes up even though we have all seen it many times. People like to be scared; hence the popularly now of horror flicks. How do people suspend their belief at what is happening on the screen? It is a movie genre that knows no bounds. It can be gory and frightful, but my friends say it is sublimely entertaining.

The inflatable pool is not limited to movie night. I have daytime swim parties when it is particularly hot such as during the summer and early fall. We just talk and have cocktails and a barbecue can be in the works for lunch or dinner. The water is so inviting that most people want to stay in the pool and I practically have to shoo them home after dark. Get an inflatable pool, my friend, and you will find you have sudden popularity in the neighborhood. You can enjoy it alone, too, and I often like the quiet and peacefulness of having the pool to myself. But soon I tire of my own company and start making plans for the next social get-together. I am grateful that I put speakers outside when I first installed my home entertainment center in the rec room. I thought we would just have meetings there, but I was wrong. People love the outdoors during their free time. You can count me among them.

At first I thought I would deflate and store my pool off season but it never happened. Even in winter, people want to swim because I can heat the water to any desired temperature. The pool stays intact and functioning. I didn’t even mention all the kids that like to come over, and I make sure an adult is around. Parents in the area say I am doing them a big favor.

Proof That I’m Aging Like a Fine Wine

The other day I realized that I have been in business for over a decade—actually more. I have completely lost track of time. The days go by fast when you enjoy your work. One day follows another and business is good, but guess what, I am getting on in years. I am no longer the young turk of my industry. But I am sure I have many good years left. I never used to even think about getting a physical to make sure I am fit and well. I think you face reality when a friend gets a serious disease, so off I went for a physical, no doubt the first of many that will be taking place over the years. You have to get on a regular program if you want to watch after your health.

A doctor’s office is a foreign place for me, not having indulged in a regular health program. I was seated in the waiting room for about half an hour and asked to fill out a packet of forms that took about that long. I couldn’t answer most of the questions. No, I have never had diabetes or heart disease. No one in the family has cancer or arthritis. No I have never had surgery of any type. Well maybe I did have my tonsils out. It went on and on. I really did not know my own family history. I have no clue of my blood type. Now the history would begin. Finally, I was called in to the examination room to meet the doctor. He asked general questions, listened to my vital sounds, palpated my abdomen, took my height and weight and blood pressure, and proceeded to hit my knee with a reflex hammer. The knee reacted immediately. Great reflexes, I muttered. See, I am aging like fine wine. The doctor laughed. He said there is a lot more to it than that. I asked him to redo the hammer just for fun. What an odd little instrument. What can you really tell when you use it? Does it matter which color (it comes in several)? The thing is about 7.5 inches long with a 2.5 inch hammerhead. It is also called a neurological reflex hammer. The doc says it can even detect bone fractures in addition to reflexes of the joints.

I felt better about finally getting a medical assessment and having had the odd experience of the reflex hammer which I met for the very first time. Pretty cool. I might have been feeling my age a bit, but after that, I felt fit as a fiddle—all reflexes intact. When I told some friends about the hammer, they proclaimed that they had not had the pleasure of this particular medical test on their last doctor’s visit—or any other. Is it only a one-time deal? Maybe you have to request it. I bet kids love it the most.

Relaxing Reward

I have many chances to relax. After all, I have installed a first class home entertainment center with every conceivable component. Whether I want to listen to music or watch TV on the giant flat screen is up to me. My mood dictates which way I go. If I want to include friends or family, I never get turned down. After all, I have a well-stocked bar and plenty of snacks. Having your own system, including surround sound, is the ultimate in luxury. It is always a well-earned treat to sit back and enjoy what it has to offer. Movies are always popular with guests and my collection is rapidly growing. People bring their old favorites and tell me to add them to my collection.

Having the home entertainment system is nirvana, but I recently offered myself a new kind of treat of a very different kind. I bought a hot tub of the old school kind: wood fired. Let me tell you, this is a real novelty. It is an eye-catching model that really makes a statement. You relax in the tub while you watch the flames naturally produce steaming hot water. There is a definite vintage appeal to this unit although it has enough modern features to function optimally.

This wood burning hot tub doesn’t need to be plugged in or connected to any drain. The tub is lightweight and portable and can be used anywhere anytime. It goes where you go if you get tired of the backyard, making spontaneous adventures entirely possible. You just gill the tub with cold water from your garden hose and light a fire in the pit. Tub requires a minimum of 130 gallons of water to start water circulation and can hold a maximum of 220 gallons when full to the top with nobody inside. It can be heated to over 100 degrees in about 2 hours.

The water is pushed through the metal coils which surround a wire basket where the firewood is housed. The basket can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the water. There is also a ledge to hold drinks and other items. Keep feeding the fire with wood as desired. A stainless steel windscreen panel attaches to the chrome pipes to keep you safe from the fires flames while soaking in the tub.

You can feel free to grill your favorite food over the hot flames or toast up some warm s’mores for the kids, it’s your wood fired hot tub, use it as you wish. Well, this is why I bought it.

It also has extended pipes to provide safe distance from the fire while in the tub and a stainless steel windscreen to provide additional protection. The flat feet increase the sturdiness. Four handles are built into the sides of the tub to allow easier mobility. A handy clear cover protects the tub while not in use and helps heat up the water even faster prior to use.

Before You Throw it Out, Blow it Out!

I just had to tell you guys this story. My friend has a DVD player, and all of a sudden, it quit working. The disc would spin and spin, but then it would just spit the darn thing back at him! He brought it to me because he thought I might know how to fix it. I know how to set up this stuff but repairs? Not so much. Anyway, he’s a good friend so I figured I would give it a try anyway. I did the super obvious one first: I tried a few different discs to see if it was just one or two DVDs that weren’t playing. Nothing would play, however, and it was definitely making me nervous because that exhausted my knowledge of DVD player repair, honestly. I certainly didn’t want to tell my friend that I couldn’t fix it—I hate admitting that there’s something I can’t do. On the other hand, I really wasn’t sure what other options I had.

Since I was at such a loss, I turned to the one place I knew people had gone looking for answers before me: the internet. Most people said to give it up and get a blu-ray player, but my friend doesn’t want to do that. He’s got an older TV too and I guess this hooks up easier or something, I don’t really know. He’s definitely a low-tech kind of guy, not like me and my home theater system. The problem seemed to be, according to the online gurus, that the player’s interior was dirty. This was an entirely plausible situation, so I figured I would give it a try. I know nothing about cleaning internal electronics, though, so I kept reading up on it. Lo and behold, two recommendations came up pretty regularly: a lens cleaning kit and forced air to blow out the vents.

I figured, what was the worst that could happen? I got a lens cleaning kit, figuring this was something it would probably be good to have regardless of whether it was the problem behind my friend’s unit or not. I already have a little portable air compressor that I could take over to his place, so that wasn’t an added expense. I figured I could give it a try and if it failed, oh well. It was already broken, right?

The first thing I did was open up the unit and use my small air compressor on the lowest possible setting to blow out the dust. I stayed away from the delicate looking machine parts and focused solely on the vent areas. Ewww. That was nasty. It made me wonder what’s inside my home theater equipment. Then I put everything back together and tried the DVD cleaner. I ran that through a few times.

Then it was time for the real test—I put a regular DVD in and fired it up. It worked!! Honestly, because I didn’t check it in between, I am not sure which one worked, but it worked! Now my friend thinks I am a genius and I feel like a rock star. Hope these tips can help you if you run into the same problem!

To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!

My home entertainment center is rather complete. You can count it all up and see that nothing essential is missing in terms of a screen, sound system (surround sound what else!), receiver, speakers, etc. There are comfortable chairs, a bar area, and a wine fridge. My center is ready to accommodate anyone’s needs in the entertainment sphere, complete with snacks and beverages.

People come over to enjoy life in a relaxing, pastime kind of way. We don’t pretend it’s anything profound. We get enough of that at work and in the news all day. Sometimes it’s just so darned depressing. We have the right to get away from it all, even with the help of a little alcohol. Wine, for example, puts you in a great mood right away, and without the hit of hard drinks. You can only handle so many of them before you need a designated driver. Wine is stocked in my fridge for a good reason. People love it and it seems to solve life’s many problems, at least for one evening.

It all started with a few gifts. People would come over and not want to bring beer. They knew I had tons of it. They thought it was more interesting to offer a nice imported wine, either red or white. I started getting into it and serviced the wine upon occasion. Everyone wanted to participate, even during football or basketball games. It became a thing to take the time to pick a really unusual, unknown wine. The whole thing just snowballed.

Movies were a cinch. Movie night became gourmet with cheese and crackers. Sipping wine seemed the perfect accompaniment. I became an oenophile, or true connoisseur of wine; or so I like to think. Over time, the wine started replacing other beverages, even sodas, and it all just caught on. People knew they would get their favorite variety just by asking. They knew my wine cooler was up to date on the product of the grape.

I was glad I had taken the time to research the right wine refrigerator. I mean who really knows about such stuff. I didn’t know there is a dual control for temperature so you can stock both red and white wines. I didn’t know that these fridges are décor items made of brushed finish stainless steel and special glass. I didn’t know that you can pull out the shelves or that they are made of unfinished wood so that the chemicals in paint don’t tarnish the taste of your wine. And I didn’t know that they are supposed to be quiet and barely hum.

Well, I found out all about it by reading the reviews. I selected a mid-size mid-price model that ran me more than four hundred bucks. But it holds 32 bottles and at the perfect temperature. You never get reds that are too cold or whites that need more chilling. It is an under counter design, but they also come free standing and even in slim size for modest spaces. I was very sure about it, and in fact hit the jackpot. It is now the focal point of my entertainment center when guests first enter, although it does disappear from attention in no time once the screen comes alive.

Cuddling Up for a Movie the Single Way

It’s a perfect day for a movie. I don’t have a lot to do, and those things that are on my agenda for the time being can just wait. I have a few films I have been dying to see, and now is the time. I need a breather, or a respite as fancy people say, from work. It has been particularly hectic of late. I love to get lost in a good movie – either the thriller, comedy, or action kind.

There is nothing like putting in the DVD to calm the mind. You get ready for some real escape. We all have our favorites that we like to see time and again. Even if you aren’t tired of work, watching your favorite actors do their part is a welcome relief from the idle chatter of your texting and messaging friends. You can enjoy a good comedy or an intense drama alone or with pals as you like. Add some good food, a couple of cases of beer, and you are set.

When alone, my routine is a little different. I grab a pregnancy pillow and stretch out to watch on the floor. I know what you’re thinking, but you don’t have to be female to enjoy the comfort of a pregnancy pillow. This is no pillow to sob in: I’m not that kind. It is for sheer comfort and to ease the back. It’s warm in winter, cool in summer, and just a fine way to pass movie watching time. You can get a good one online or in your favorite store like Target or Walmart. Just be sure it is larger than normal.

Amazon has a perfect option made by, of all names, Snuggle-Pedic. That’s pretty hilarious. The ad says it is bamboo shredded, full body size memory foam with an ultra-luxury Kool-Flow cover. That’s a mouthful. Apparently it feels like down but never goes flat. If I didn’t have one already, I would absolutely vote for this one. It is the highest rated pillow on Amazon. Are there others like me who can’t watch a movie without one?

It is made in the US and thus is guaranteed to be eco-friendly for our environmentalist friends. In fact, the contents are Biogreen and Certipur-US certified foam. Who writes this stuff? No matter, the thing has a conforming shape that orthopedically supports the neck for side, stomach, and back sleepers. You have to be one of these! I like a hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant pillow so I will have to check on that. I will see about a guarantee while I am at it. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. It offers a free exchange.

I like the idea of memory foam as compared to down. You don’t have to fluff so often to get the right shape. Plus, I might have a feather allergy I don’t know about. So the foam is the choice of the moment. My body pillow should see me through quite a few movies to come without losing its consistent shape. It really does wrap around your body comfortably and isn’t heavy or confining. I should buy one for guests and we can sit enraptured together watching our films.

The Death of the DVD: Internet Streaming

DVD 1I love DVDs despite their being a bit fragile from time to time. One of the reasons is that I like to get my hands on things to know they are really mine. It’s a lot like paper books versus eBooks. Give me a paperback every time.

The thing is, even up to a few years ago, streaming video to a personal device was slow and clunky. That’s what made DVDs so appealing to me. I didn’t mind carrying around the 250 DVDs in my collection around in a Case Logic bag because that is what I was used to. True, you had to have a player but they were as common as cell phones at one time – everyone had at least one. Later they came out with those portable DVD players, which I never bought because the whole idea seemed weird. Laptops could play DVDs with a bigger screen anyway, so gave the computer a multitasking environment feel.

But now I have to admit there are a lot of advantages to Internet streaming video content. Notice I said video content, not movies. Because with the explosion of YouTube I can access many trailers and reviews before I plunk down any amount of money. YouTube is its own creature anyway, even though there are a lot of similar wannabe web sites out there now. But video content doesn’t have to be an entire movie, and I’ll admit I am happy about that.

There are a lot of reasons to abandon the DVD. I have a friend who is collecting a ton of them for future posterity. I think part of it is he is hoping to make a profit by selling them on eBay down the road, but I’m not seeing that to be very profitable based on what I have seen so far. The bigger problem is the player. There was once a tape player called an 8-track player that had specially made music tapes to put in the device. The same problem applies here. Having the DVDs is meaningless if you don’t have a player.

What I don’t like about streaming videos is that I really don’t own anything. You pay to use the video, but if whoever you are renting or buying it from decide to slightly change the content or remove it from the library altogether, then what recourse do I have? Whether that will happen or not I’m not sure, but my feelings on that are based in part on the fact that I like to personally handle what I buy.

A good thing about Internet streaming is I don’t have to wait weeks or months to watch a favourite TV series or a recent movie. Most of the time, movies that were in the theatres two or three months ago can be found online today. It is all about going digital and how it has changed the world – especially with music and video. I got a cable package that has great connection speeds so I rarely have any problems with jerky movies or pixilation.

I like to have my hands on what I pay for, but one question I ask myself is who will get my assembled DVD collection when my time is up – and will they want it?

Bean Bag or Couch

Yes, I had to tackle this issue because like art, music, and movies, there are a lot of opinions and everyone is right. People who got backaches from sitting in beanbag chairs will likely curse them more the older they get. Others who fell off the couch when they fell asleep watching a movie will opt for complimenting the flexible, yoga-like positions bean bag-seating offers.

Now for this blog to make any sense, there have to be some basic considerations that are the basis for giving a “like” to a beanbag or couch. The size of the room matters. You might be able to have a mix of both if the room is large enough, but if that is the case there is no problem to speak of. Smaller rooms tend to favour beanbags because they generally take up less space (unless you have a type of denizen that is known as a sprawler). Larger rooms can accommodate one or two couches and offer a cosier environment (if that’s what you want).

Beanbags have the advantage of being able to be easily arranged and stored. Stack ‘em, pack ‘em, and move them around to suit the preference of the viewers. They can be quite comfortable if you know which ones to get. One downside is the viewing angle for the seated. You might get a crick in your neck craning to see the screen or be thrashing around during the movie trying to get just the right position.

On a more positive note, there are doctors who highly recommend the larger versions of the bean bag chair to help with a variety of back and joint pains suffered by people who spend all day in front of a computer at work. There is also an environmental factor, as they are made of cloth or other manmade materials so by choosing a beanbag you are being environmentally conscious. Even if you get a higher quality seat they are not as expensive as you have heard.

A couch is more of an immobile behemoth, though it has several other advantages. You can sit and stack people on it as much as they can stand. There is a firm support for your back, reducing the possibility of morning-after backaches. It also makes the room look nicer, and you can put tray tables in front of or to the side of the couch to make snacking, drinking, and other side activities easier. Getting up to go the bathroom may require some untangling, depending on the number of people seated.

These days when you consider buying a couch there are a variety of choices intended to make your decision harder. You can choose a sectional for flexibility and easier cleaning up afterwards. The biggest choice is between cloth and leather. Cloth is definitely more comfortable since in a warm room leather will tend to stick to you. But it is very durable and resistant to tearing, so you might spend up front to save later. An in-between choice is microfiber, which combines the durability of leather with the comfort of cloth.

My choice? A quality leather couch – as long as I am the only one using it.